"Nadine is a talented healer and facilitator. She is committed to her clients and brings a caring compassion to her work that is very moving. Her skill both in Shiatsu and Trager gives her a wide repertoire of bodywork modalities to draw on."

Danny Bakan
Songwriter, Performer, Educator and Banjoist

"I am a 56 yr. old woman who must contend with the mobility difficulties brought on by both osteoarthritis AND Multiple Sclerosis. Acupuncture, chiropractic as well as dietary considerations and homeopathic remedies have all brought some relief but nothing has come close to the improvement in flexibility and increased range of motion that I experienced after my very first Trager treatment with Nadine Feldman at Mind Your Body.

Mary Trudeau
Retired Teacher

"I've been working with Nadine for several years now and am always amazed at
how sensitive and aware she is. I feel that when Nadine is working; she is
completely connected to what she is doing, and therefore more able to sense
the needs of one’s body, mind and spirit while she is working on them. I
always leave a session with Nadine breathing deeper and more fully, and
feeling more awake from head to toe."

Andrea Florian
General Manager
Main Drug Mart & Health Foods

"The Trager session was like having all the little tied up places in my body gently jiggled loose and able to relax back into their rightful places. Ahhh, so this is what it feels like to let go!"

Lee Whalen
Singer, Songwriter, Jewellery Artist

"Nadine Feldman has a sweet personality and is an exceptional massage practitioner.

I am a musician and have enjoyed her special touch for quite a while. Last May I had a performance planned with a colleague from Europe. He asked me to recommend someone to provide a massage to help him get over tensions from the long flight across the Atlantic. After the session with Nadine, he smiled broadly and, swaying his body around happily, said: "Look! I can REALLY move."

I always feel that way at the end of a session with Nadine."

Moshe Hammer

"In the fall of 2004 I started to experience pain in my knees. I had difficulty walking and bending. I resigned myself to the fact that it was because I'd gained a lot of weight. I also thought that I may have hurt my knees; the left one in particular, five pin bowling. I didn't listen to my body.
I allowed it to go on for many months without seeking treatment and I suffered. By the spring I was limping; not walking, experiencing extreme pain in my left knee and I hadn't lost any weight. Finally I asked Nadine Feldman to work with me.
After two sessions of The Trager Approach, the pain in my knee was significantly reduced. I could finally walk again without having to restrict my movements too much. With each treatment, I felt better and stronger. The mpact that Trager has on your emotional state as well as physical well being is remarkable.
I also suffer with carpul tunnel syndrome and will be working on this next. I truly believe that one day, I will be pain free and regain my full range of motion with the help of Trager and Nadine.
When seeking treatment of any kind, you want someone who is knowledable, experienced and genuinely interested in your progress and well being. Someone you can trust. Nadine is that person."


I love body work. And I have tried out many different therapies and therapists, so I feel like I have a pretty well-informed perspective as to what, and who, is out there. Nadine Feldman has a gift. She is intuitive, skilled and caring: a natural, born healer. I’ve always felt she is able to sense what is going on for me even if I don’t say it verbally. She comes into the treatment setting with a very clear energy, and listens with her touch, unclouded by any outside world mandates. If I enquire, Nadine is generous with her knowledge in explaining to me about what might be connected to an area of discomfort. Or if I wish, she will let me just receive in silence.

Over the past 7 years Nadine has treated my aching, tense or blocked tissues with Reiki, Trager and Shiatsu. But what I like best, is her unique ability to combine these skills and offer me a custom designed treatment with whatever combination of these different disciplines is required to best assist my healing. In Nadine’s hands I always feel cared for, and after a treatment I have a sense of peace and well being.

Lisa Patterson,music artist / producer / facilitator
Toronto, Ontario



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