Have Thumbs Will Travel provides on-site massage in Toronto. We specialize in serving group and corporate events - large and small.
For almost twenty years, we have provided on-site massage at the following events in and near Toronto:
Health & Wellness Days
Product Launches
Trade Shows
Special Events
Golf Tournaments
Employee Appreciation
Sporting Events
Meetings, Workshops, Seminars

Our relaxation massages will leave your guests feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Have Thumbs Will Travel services are:

Mobile: We come to you.

Convenient: No messy oils are used. Clients remain fully clothed. Excellent standards of hygiene are employed.

Efficient: 10 to 30 minutes of massage means you are back to work or your event quickly, completely refreshed and energized.

Effective: Areas in the body where the most stress is located are worked on: the back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands and head.

Massage calms the nervous system, reduces mental and physical stress levels, creates a healthy atmosphere and sends a message that you, the employer, care.

Contact us to find out how Have Thumbs Will Travel can work with you to make your events more memorable and successful.

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